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Cameo CEO Loses Bored Ape NFT in Apple ID Scam


With so many NFT thefts happening lately, it also has affected CEO of Cameo, Steven Galanis and he has lost a Bored Ape NFT and other in an Apple ID Scam. This is to date the highest profile theft in the NFT Space, following the very long string of scams that has happened this year alone. The theft included BAYC #9012, which Galanis originally purchased for 100 Ethereum that is roughly $319,500 in January. The thief already sold the ape for 77 ETH rouhgly equating to $130,000. OpenSea has taken measures to freeze the ape from being traded on the platform in light of the NFT theft.

CEO of Cameo Loses Bored Ape and More

In the first tweet about the scam, Steven Galanis username @Mr312 said “Just got my Apple ID hacked. So far, I’m out [email protected] over 9k in $APE, three @OthersideMeta plots, one Phanta Bear, and two @11CaptainsClubNFTs.”

When added up, Galanis has lost a huge amount over this hack, becoming almost impossible to regain their NFTs. It is another example of why NFT Security is so important and should up keep the updates by updating to the latest security features.

Apple ID Scam Behind the NFT Theft

It is still unclear as to how Galanis was hacked, but he did mention that it was via a scam on the Apple ID. Some users on Twitter offered their opinions on how it is possible.

Several comments said it could be due to Galanis keeping a copy of his seed phrase on an app that is linked to iCloud and that is how the hacker got the details from. However, he has not said in detail how the hack took place. As of now, the Bored Ape will remain frozen on OpenSea. Follow NFTeller for the latest NFT News.

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