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Care Bears Collectible Avatars In The Sandbox Metaverse


The Care Bears, the most recent Avatars in the Sandbox Metaverse, were unveiled. To play games, finish tasks, and earn $SAND, players can don the Care Bear avatars in-game. On November 14, 2022, the public sale and allowlist mint both began. One of the first toys was the Care Bear. Find out more about avatars and how to create them!

How Are Care Bear Avatars Minted?

Comparing with other avatars in the Metaverse, the Care Bears avatars are smaller in size. Players will thus get to see and experience the metaverse from whole new angles. The 3060 units in the Care Bear collection are distributed among different rarity tiers. The cute avatars come in a variety of skin types, including Classic, Multicolor, Mixed, Web3, and Unique. Additionally, none of the avatars in the collection are exactly alike because each one of them has 100 individually hand-crafted traits and designs.

The Care Bears have been working with Sandbox since the year 2020. Every Care Bear grants its owner access to unique skills and capabilities. This collection of Care Bears is also the biggest one ever, and it’s the first Sandbox collection to employ various model sizes. The NFTs are selling for $100 SAND apiece on Polygon. Users will need to set up a Sandbox profile and have SAND and MATIC tokens in their account in order to mint the avatars. Except for Venly, any wallet that Ethereum supports can be minted by users. The collection is available for minting on the Care Bear NFT mint page.

Details Regarding The Collection

The Care Bears were popular characters in books, TV shows, movies, and video games during the 1990s. Elena Kucharik, an artist, first painted the figures in 1981 for inclusion on American Greetings greeting cards. Each Care Bear portrays and communicates a specific human feeling. “Whether you feel Cheerful, Harmonic, Lucky, or Caring, there will be a Care Bears Avatar in it for you,” reads the official mint collection on Sandbox.

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