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DeGods NFT Sells For A Whopping $220k


By selling its NFT #270 for more than $220,000, DeGods enjoys a strong start to the fall season. The record-breaking sale demonstrates the Solana project’s enormous popularity among NFT collectors as a result of its distinctive aesthetic and practicality.

Is DeGods #270 the most costly NFT sale made by Solana?

A rare DeGods NFT sold for 139,5127 ETH, or nearly $220,000, less than 24 hours ago. Its astonishing price is certainly partially due to the two-piece outfit:

Mythic Helmet (only 0.23% of the collection’s other items also possess this feature);

Mythic War is a trait shared by 0.48 percent of collectibles.

The digital file also features Red Background and Leopard Skin. Together, the qualities make an ideal match; in fact, someone was willing to spend nearly $220k on it.

The DeGods NFT collection ascends to the top of the ecosystem thanks to the unexpected sale. In actuality, this Solana treasure was among the most costly ever auctioned. The project has recently drawn comparisons to Doodles and even Azuki, and with good cause.

DeGods NFTWhat’s the big deal with DeGods?

In essence, DeGods is a collection of 10,000 avatars in the NFT PFP (Profile Picture) style. In October 2021, the Solana blockchain-based project went live. The collection’s popularity immediately soared thanks to its distinctive artwork and practicality.

For instance, the native currenDeGods NFT Collectioncy of the project, $DUST, pays each DeGods NFT holder $15 every day. To be clear, community members can utilise these tokens for exciting benefits like raffles, whitelist access, auctions, and more.

DeGods currently seeks to broaden its ecosystem as a community-focused project. y00ts, a new PFP collection of 15K digital avatars, is one of its most recent projects. Positive feedback was given to the project’s initial sneak peeks, and Gary Vee even applied to be added to the whitelist!

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