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Disney CEO Confirms Interest In Metaverse


The CEO of Disney has disclosed that the company is still investigating and developing its metaverse ideas. Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Chapek discussed how the 98-year-old corporation would employ technology going forward while speaking at Disney’s biannual D23 Expo fan conference.

Disney has Plans for the Metaverse

A company with Disney’s influence needs to stay on top of fashion, and the CEO’s speech supports this. It can establish standards for its competition by making future plans. In reality, preparations have already started as Disney has been quietly investigating ways to participate in Web3 for the past year.

For instance, Disney hired Mike White earlier this year to head the recently established Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences branch. They also employed Mark Bozon for their inventive metaverse strategy. Notably, Mark worked at the computer behemoth Apple for 12 years before joining Disney.

Disney is unquestionably a lifestyle, CEO Chapek stated in an interview after the Disney conference. How is our next-generation storytelling leveraging the specific information we know about a guest in this Disney lifestyle, and then providing customized experiences?

How is Disney Entering Web3?

According to the CEO, Disney aims to use information from both the physical and digital worlds to guide its metaverse policies. Disney is taking into account data from theme park attendance and customer streaming patterns for their metaverse approach.

Notably, Disney has frequently referred to their concept for the metaverse as “next-generation storytelling.” We shall observe how this plays out for the well-known corporation in the upcoming year.

Disney has also been active in the NFT market, to finish. They introduced the “Golden Moments” line in collaboration with VeVe, the NFT marketplace. This covers the Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Pixar, and other collections.

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