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Disney Hocus Pocus 2 Digital Collectibles Now On Veve


The new Disney Hocus Pocus 2 NFT collection will liven up your web3 Halloween collection. The Veve-powered digital artifacts are a series of four posters. The newest “Hocus Pocus 2” movie characters and mythology are featured on these posters! What do we know about the eerie new release, then? How does one go about minting a Disney NFT? Find out by reading on!

What Is Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 NFT Collection?

The Hocus Pocus 2 collection is essentially a series of NFT movie posters that depict the plot and characters from the film. The digital treasures will debut on Veve, a hugely popular NFT platform based on apps. Disney is advancing this collection through a blind mint. Therefore, until they gather and unbox their NFT, collectors will not be aware of the uniqueness of their posters. The Sanderson sister trio and the Becca, Cassie, and Lily characters from the following films are included in the series. To be clear, the “Sanderson Sisters” NFT is a collection airdrop poster.

Each edition of the four collectibles contains 1313 NFTs and costs 40 Gems (one Gem is equal to one USD). Disney intends to give out the Sisters Three poster to collectors who mint all four special Hocus Pocus 2 poster editions. The deadline for fans and collectors to mint all four editions is November 7 at 8 AM PT. The airdrop will take place on November 10th.

Non Fungible Treats

The four NFTs, each of which is a portion of the film, are each offered by mint for purchase worldwide. The legend behind the “Light This Candle” NFT reads as follows: “It’s been 29 years since someone lit the candle and brought the 17th-century sisters back to life; now they seek retribution. Becca, Cassie, and Izzy have to prevent the ravaging witches from spreading a new type of havoc on Salem before dawn on All Hallow’s Eve in this deliciously collectible poster.

Disney appears to be a consistent name in the quickly changing market, which only serves to amplify the feelings surrounding web3. They hired a lawyer for their web3 obligations just a few months ago. Additionally, a number of NFTs centered on various projects, such as Thor: Love & Thunder, were released. Read the latest NFT news on NFTeller.

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