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DJ Agoria Drops NFTs For Ledger Pass Holders


DJ Agoria, a pioneer in electronic music from France, and Ledger have just released the first edition of their NFT artist series. Exclusive to subscribers of the Genesis Pass, this series is not available to the general public. Generative work by DJ Agoria (@agoriamusic) is featured in the collaboration. Following next is further information about this unique partnership.

Ledger x DJ Agoria NFTs: What’s It About?

New Fork Tokens from DJ Agoria and The Ledger launch the Artist Series on Ledger Market. Artists now have a rare chance to release their NFTs on trusted and safe hardware thanks to this series. Ledger is working with Johan Lescure to develop its generative art series for its upcoming release, which aims to build on the popularity of Agoria’s Compend-AI 2022 SX #1 series. The initial 20-foot-tall work of generative art was disassembled on the Ledger platform.

All owners of the Ledger [L] Market Genesis Pass NFT were airdropped 10,082 smaller 512 px 512 px pieces on November 22. The official website also offers a streamlined shopping platform that leads and supplies customers with a one-of-a-kind minting experience. Owners can view their own and neighbouring pieces exhibited on the massive canvas by logging in. Additional options for minting square pieces have recently appeared on secondary markets. Collectors can expand the scale of a generative artwork by purchasing additional editions. Collectors who have amassed the most NFTs will also be able to purchase prints of their collection. Agoria personally selected the larger pieces. Moreover, owners of multiple NFTs receive airdrops to neighbouring pieces, allowing them to form a whole.

The Minting Experience

Agoria and Ledger Market’s massive web3 art puzzle serves as a unifying experience for its users. In addition to providing a unique minting experience, this simplifies the process of making connections, making purchases, and making trades. Also, this fall is a great example of why it’s crucial to combine hardware and software. It’s revolutionary because it eliminates the possibility of fraud and guarantees that both artists and collectors will have a positive experience.

“When [ L ] Market started looking for the inaugural artist to collaborate with, we wanted to find an artist who had a substantial body of work and was embracing blockchain technologies within their current practice. With an exploratory approach to creating art, an international exhibition history, and an impressive collector base, Agoria is well established in the traditional art world, and yet continues to push the boundaries of what NFTs and art can be in the future.” states Parker Todd Brooks, VP NFTs, Ledger.

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