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ELLE Décoration x SuperRare NFT Exhibition


D3SIGN CAPSULE was just introduced by SuperRare, the largest decentralized site devoted to creative crypto art, in collaboration with ELLE Décoration France. With 16 NFT collections produced by architects and designers working with digital artists, D3SIGN CAPSULE moves the venerable magazine into the digital age. ELLE Décoration France hopes to rethink the future of design through this exhibition.

About ELLE Decoration France’s D3SIGN CAPSULE Exhibition

ELLE Décoration France requested 16 architects and designers to collaborate with digital artists to realize their concepts as part of a celebration of metaverse architecture and design. These pieces will be on display at the Hôtel de Soubise during Paris Design Week, which runs from September 10 to September 18. Sam Baron, the designer, has also created an exclusive set that connects the historical scene to the D3SIGN CAPSULE works.

To further develop their ideas, several of the artists have also chosen to create a physical project. The physical will coexist with its digital equivalent. All ELLE Décoration France projects will be auctioned off on a specific SuperRare Space, it is vital to mention. This independent gallery on SuperRare selects, markets, and sells pieces of art.

SuperRare NFT Platform

About SuperRare

SuperRare, the largest NFT platform specializing in original crypto art, was founded in 2018. More than $260 million have been generated thus far, with artists earning more than $150 million. It’s critical to remember that SuperRare is a user-run marketplace. This is so that holders of the $RARE token may control the market.

The primary goal of SuperRare is to expand the art market and free it from the control of centralized corporations. As a result, the market takes pride in being run by and for creatives. SuperRare just announced the opening of their Cryptoart Couture exhibition. This is going on at the NYC Gallery right now during New York Fashion Week and ends tomorrow.

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