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Emoji® Characters Coming to Web3 In Partnership With RECUR


RECUR, a technology company that builds end-to-end NFT accessibility platform has partnered up with Emoji® brand. They are going to bring colours, humour and also language defying Emoji® characters to life in the Web3 world. Not only that, the first NFT collection to feature emoji® is happening with RECUR, namely “emoji® forever: the first drop”. The NFT collection includes 2,222 PFPs of a special poo emoji® character with sprinkles of colour and more.

RECUR Partners With Emoji® To Launch New NFT Collection

Emojis has become part of our daily communication since the 21st century, enabling us to express emotions through text. With the rise of Web3, the Emoji® company is looking to bring the iconic way of communication into Web3 world.

In order for this to happen, they have partnered up with RECUR to bring alive their first new character, Barry Dingle. Starting from September 22nd, the Barry Dingle NFTs can be purchased.

RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch said “Emojis in digital communication is a core element, from texting to Twitter, they bring joy to our days and fill our world with colour and personality.” He further mentioned that they are looking forward to bring the unique way of expression to Web3 through this official emoji® NFTs that goes beyond letters and numbers.

RECUR Pass Holders Will Have Exclusive NFT Access

The brand has plans to expand and grow in the near future across the Web3 space. You can expect to see more NFT collections as this is just the first one.

One of the main perks of being a RECUR pass holder is having exclusive access to various NFTs. What’s more is that you will be among the firsts to purchase them ahead of all the public. Amongst the companies and products available through RECUR also includes Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty and many others. Remember to join the emoji® NFT community to get your very own Barry Dingle NFT from September 22nd onwards!

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