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Exclusive NFTs Dropped by Royal Salute Whiskey


Elite Scotch tycoons Royal Salute earlier today unveiled their brand-new, NFT-only Royal Salute 27-Year-Old Single Cask Finish. At 10 PM GMT, the drop went live on Each of the 315 bottles that are released costs USD 965 (0.74 ETH). The Royal Salute’s cutting-edge approach to the craft of whiskey blending is on display in the 27-Year-Old Single Cask Finish. Continue reading to find out more about this famous NFT drop of booze!

About Royal Salute NFT Drop On BlockBar

The moniker Royal Salute has a long history. However, they have creative ideas that go beyond the world of alcohol. This is the initial BlockBar Royal Salute scotch NFT drop that is special. Additionally, the fact that this mix is six years old makes it unique. Prior to having the richly flavored blended Scotch and allowed to complete, the blend contained an unique Oloroso for 18 months.

Sandy Hyslop, the Master Blender of Royal Salute, refined the mixture to create a complex flavor profile that captivates the palate. The expression tastes like ripe plums, freshly made ginger cake, and dark chocolate ganache, among other flavors. To further enhance the flavor, there are additional hints of dark toffee, Florentine cookies, morello cherry jam, and cinnamon. Two fortunate owners of the bottles will also have the chance to have a VIP Tour of the Strathisla Distillery in addition to the unique NFT release. They would get the opportunity to sample the rarest Royal Salute whiskey on this tour!

“While Royal Salute is rooted in history and heritage, as a brand we are always looking to the future, finding new ways to connect with those who are as passionate about whisky as we are, be it in the physical world or the metaverse,” Royal Salute Global Marketing Director Mathieu Deslandes said. With the help of our partner BlockBar, we were able to seamlessly and excitingly enter the digital world. It was only logical to debut an expression solely on the marketplace after two well-received NFT launches of single flagons.

Rare Royal SaluteRegarding Royal Salute

The aged and expertly made blended Scotch whisky Royal Salute is outstanding. It was founded in 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and the 21-gun salute that was fired in her honor. In order to stay true to its rich legacy, Royal Salute combines traditionalism and modernism with fresh and creative expressions. Through fascinating collaborations with a wide range of creatives in the high life, from artists to fashion designers, Royal Salute as a brand celebrates creativity and welcomes new audiences into its enchanted universe.

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