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Falling Man NFT Removed From Gamestop Marketplace


Falling Man NFT was removed by Gamestop when there was outrage and complaints going around the NFT community. The Falling Man NFT is one that reflects on the September 11th terrorist attack in 2001 and it is a scene captured of it. It featured an astronaut with the caption that says “This one probably fell from the MIR station.” Before Gamestop removed this NFT, it was allegedly minted for 25 times and sold initially for a price of 0.65 ETH

The Removal of the NFT

Back in 2001 the Islamic extremist Al-Qaeda attacked the United States and left a significant impact for the century. There were four suicide attacks by using commercial planes and in total there are death tolls of 2,977 and many more in the subsequent war terrors as well.

There was a man photographed by Associated Press Photographer Richard Drew, where the man can be seen falling from the Twin Towers building. The tragic incident had trapped a lot of people and so some resorted to jumping from hundreds of feet or waiting for the fire to consume.

The Falling Man NFT is incredibly similar to the photograph and many took to social media complaining about it being available on Gamestop NFT Marketplace. 

The Criticism Towards Falling Man NFT

The original photo wasn’t talked about a lot back in 2001 but critics called it very distasteful. While it is indeed tragic, the image represents the horrors of the attacks and awful choices some people in the building had to make.

Gamestop is a relatively new space however the Falling Man removal suggests that they are also listening to their users. Gamestop has slowly grown in popularity since their launch in May. With the Beta fully live, it has hopes to take on the NFT marketplace space. For more NFT marketplace news, check out NFTeller.

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