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Fashion NFTs Collaboration Between 9dcc and SnowFro


A pop-up experience will be available from November 29 to December 3 during Art Week Miami, according to creative director gmoney. As part of this occasion, gmoney has collaborated closely with the father of generative art Snowfro to introduce ITERATION-02, a 9dcc x Snowfro project.

About the gmoney and SnowFro collaboration

ITERATION-02 by gmoney and SnowFro is a high-end, luxurious white tee. The t-shirt will initially be available for purchase during Art Basel through a special in-person minting experience. Customers who buy one of these limited edition physical t-shirts will receive it live on-site.

ITERATION-02 will be made accessible to the larger Admit One community via a virtual mint following the pop-up event. The ITERATION-02 luxury tee will also be a Networked Product, like all 9dcc items. It will therefore use an NFT produced during the mint to connect the physical and digital worlds.

ITERATION-02 works with 9dcc and Snowfro and draws on gmoney’s solid relationships to the cryptocurrency community. To be clear, Snowfro is the brainchild of Art Blocks and Chromie Squiggle. With the first-ever fusion of live minting and on-site manufacturing, 9dcc will offer the items in an inventive manner to commemorate the occasion.

About 9dcc

The luxury house and lifestyle platform 9dcc, which was born in the cryptosphere, is redefining how the fashion industry operates. Innovators and change-makers are welcome on the platform. Above all, it offers the luxury market a fresh canvas.

The 9dcc collections from gmoney are a unique and elegant fusion of state-of-the-art software and technology. Through 9dcc, gmoney offers a custom designer collection as well as a singular experience that unites the cryptocurrency and fashion industries. Read NFTeller for more NFT news.

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