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First Anniversary of STEPN


The unique web3 lifestyle app, STEPN, turned one year old on September 22. The business has had a great year; it now has 4.72 million registered users in 200 countries. Move-to-learn was first implemented by STEPN on the blockchain, and the company is still expanding its lifestyle app. This new technology promotes healthy living while encouraging individuals to be active outside. In order to commemorate its one anniversary, STEPN is publishing data that shows its incredible growth and significant achievements.

STEPN To Show Continuous Growth With Its First Anniversary

When the NFT boom was at its peak last year, the move-to-earn company first surfaced. It is still running strong and expanding its incredible ecosystem about a year later. STEPN unveiled DOOAR, its decentralized exchange, in June. In fact, when considering daily active users since its introduction, it has been the top Solana DEX.

As never before, STEPN tokenizer fitness. The Web3 lifestyle app makes use of Game-Fi and Social-Fi components to advertise in a fun and engaging manner.

In essence, users who purchase NFT sneakers can earn in-game currency by jogging, walking, or running outside. The first anniversary of STEPN serves as a reminder of how far it has come.

In the end, the STEPN app is so well-liked that it reached a record-breaking one million daily active users in June. In actuality, STEPN users have walked, ran, or jogged over 108,017,738 kilometers during the past year.

In addition to aiming to lessen its carbon footprint, the business cherishes the outdoors and is a lifestyle app. Large-scale carbon neutrality plans were unveiled in April, along with the start of monthly payments for carbon removal.

STEPN Move to Earn NFT

STEPN Introduces a New Anti-cheat System

STEPN has amassed a sizable fanbase and garnered more than $5 million from investors in the last year. Additionally, the STEPN platform currently utilizes three distinct blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain.

However, some users cheated to obtain their tokens by taking advantage of the move-to-earn app. As a result, STEPN introduced the SMAC anti-cheating system in June. This enables the business to identify players who are tampering with game mechanisms. Due to its prominence, it must now take precautions to protect its habitat.

The company, which has big plans for the future and will keep expanding its move-to-earn ecosystem, is at a turning point with its one anniversary. Keep up with trending NFT news with us.

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