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First Look On WAGMI United x Crawley Town FC x Adidas New Jersey


Adidas known for its premium quality jersey has just revealed a brand new look for WAGMI United x Crawley Town football jersey. Adidas had posted about this new kit preview using a 3D animated video teaser.

Chromie Squiggle Featured On New Jersey

The new reveal of the new jersey had just gone up today and its tweet included the animated video of the new kit and it also came with a quote. The quote goes “You define sport, not just as it is but as it can be.”

Similarly, WAGMI United also came out to talk about its vision on Twitter. Throughout the twitter thread WAGMI United also gave out quite a number of primary goals of WAGMI United such as:

  1. To change the broken legacy of sports management models and improve it
  2. Giving fans a meaningful voice
  3. Taking Crawley Town FC to the Premier League

Wagmi United is a very well known name in the NFT world and it is between some of the biggest names like Gary Vee, Gfunk and Gmoney. Furthermore, Art Blocks founder Snowfro had the iconic squiggle on the Adidas x WAGMI United jersey, is also a part of the team.

WAGMI United’s journey began when they bought the English Football League 2 team Crawley United. Now they have the goal to have this team become the internet’s team! Find out more NFT sport news on NFTeller.

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