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For The Culture Founder To Take Legal Action Against God Hates NFTees


The founder of For The Culture, @Sibeleth threatened to take legal actions on God Hates NFTees after the abuse took place. In all the horrendous screenshots of abusive messages and more, Sibel shared the abuses that she had received. The language that was presented to her is horrible, sexist and misogynistic. Again the NFT Space with all its people again needs to reflect as another well-known woman is again put on stage of these horrible actions done to her.

One of God Hates NFTees Followers Attacked Sibel

It all started yesterday when one of the leaders of God Hates NFTees called for followers to raid Sibel and as well posted the screenshot of her profile and alongside it wrote “@sibeleth run this back… raid this delirious bitch.”

Sibel said that this hate raid started on the discord server after a post. Someone shared news on God Hates NFTees Twitter’s suspension issues. Just after the post from @AbsentFromThebs, the threat appeared and that attack started and Sibel was subjected to massive amounts of violent, misogynistic and sexist abuse.

Sibel has come out and said “While I was sleeping, the leader of this project started a hate campaign on me, and they raided our discord + my page & DMs. If you’re staying silent to this, you’re also one of them. This is unbelievable what an anon team is doing to me, personally. Disgusting.”

There are many who associate with God Hates NFTees and they have sent our very disturbing messages. They not only target the discord but also on Social Media and Twitter. No one should be facing abuses and bullies and attacks like that. But unfortunately enough, this is not the first time a woman is abused and attacked in the NFT space and sad to say this will not be the last of it. 

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This Attack Signals Bigger Problem In NFT Space

Men dominates the NFT space and some people are unhappy that more and more women are growing in the space. Sibel is undoubtedly an essential figure in the NFT Community with over 100 thousand followers and she is also the co-founder of Fluffy Polar Bears and the founder of For The Culture or FTC.

This is a huge problem for some of the dominant men. God Hates NFTees is one of the people as such. From the abuse just 24 hours ago, it is clear that some things needs to be changed!

One thing for certain is that men need to step up and support the women in these situations. As Sibel said that silence is not a solution. We need to face this issue head on and make it clear that this is not a space for bullies and attacks to happen. Furthermore we need people to be the driver of web3 and to build the digital space.

Legal Action To Be Taken Against Abusers

Sibel has said that surely legal action will be taken and be against the abusers. It all started from one tweet from God Hates NFTees’s leader. 

She said clearly “I am taking legal action. If you insulted or threatened me publicly or via DM in the last 24 hours because of this spamming campaign, you will be in the case. We collected all data, videos, ids etc. and notarised all proofs. It doesn’t matter if you delete it or not.”

Conclusion, it is unsure as to how the case will go but hopefully it will deter anyone else from bullying and start to realise that bullying someone, you will not be able to get away with it. Sibel and other women in the NFT space should not have suffered this horrible ordeal. Catch more trending news on NFT right here on NFTeller.

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