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Free Mint Zora NFTs ‘Rainbow Zorbs’ Sell Out At Art Basel


Rainbow, an Ethereum wallet, partnered with Zora to create a free NFT mint called Rainbow Zorbs, which they quickly emptied. Minting the Art Basel-exclusive NFT granted access to a special Rainbow wallet symbol. Three days later, both groups had built what Etherscan now ranks as one of the most active collections of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The launch of Rainbow Zorbs

It just took three days to mint Rainbow Zorbs during Art Basel at Miami Art Week on December 3. All addresses were given one complimentary NFT to ensure a smooth and equal rollout. Zora’s Miami event, Zoratopia, gave people the option to mint their coins either online or in person. Therefore, the 127,352 Rainbow Zorbs NFTs were activated on the Ethereum blockchain.

When owners had the NFT in their possession, they could quickly and easily change the icon in their Rainbow app to reflect the new Rainbow Zorbs. It’s possible for app owners to give their app a new, modern design by downloading Rainbow, going to the settings menu, and selecting the app icon from the list. It was a breeze to do this task with the help of Zora’s powerful authoring tools and RainbowKit’s wallet add-on. Furthermore, both groups made this process easy at the Zoratopia event by requiring only two barcode scans to obtain the NFT. This simplifies integrating NFTs greatly.

About Rainbow

The Android and iOS versions of Rainbow, a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum, are also available for download. As a beginner, you can explore the potential of Ethereum in a risk-free and straightforward manner. The program will allow users to showcase their digital assets built on the Ethereum platform. Moreover, with Rainbowkit, users can integrate Rainbow’s versatile wallet into their own software.

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