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Game Of Thrones Physical NFT Collectibles by Funko Pop


New Funko Digital Pop! NFT figures from the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones series are the focus of this collection. Fans of the well-known HBO fantasy TV programme will be able to purchase these Digital Pop! physical NFT souvenirs starting on Tuesday, October 4th at 11 AM PT, courtesy of Funko and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Prices for ordinary packs of these collectibles, which are only offered on the NFT platform “Droppp,” start at $9.99.

We Now Have Game of Thrones NFTs

Significantly, each purchase gives customers the chance to reveal a limited-edition Funko Digital Pop! You can exchange these uncommon Digital Pop! NFTs for one of six complementary, limited-edition actual vinyl souvenirs.

The Digital Pop! by Funko NFTs are digital collectibles that showcase the distinctive aesthetic of Funko’s well-known figures. Funko has been incorporating a variety of well-known TV episodes, movies, and characters from comic books into its Funko Digital Pop! NFT universe throughout the past year.

The newest additions to the NFT Digital Pop! universe are the protagonists and antagonists of the critically acclaimed fantasy television series, The Game of Thrones. Characters from all throughout Westeros are thus included in this collection and can be found in the NFT drop. This contains a Giant Wight, the Iron Throne, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, The Hound, Jaime Lannister, and Arya Stark.

Win Yourself A Limited Edition Physical Collectible

Two packs make up the Game of Thrones collection, and there are 625,000 NFTs altogether accessible on the green WAX blockchain. Consequently, there are 31,250 units of each type of pack. Additionally, the premium packets cost $29.99 apiece and include 15 Digital Pop! NFTs, while the ordinary pack costs $9.99 and includes 5 Digital Pop! NFTs.

Last but not least, each Funko Game of Thrones Series 1 NFT set offers the chance to win a very rare Funko Digital Pop! You can exchange these uncommon NFTs for a unique physical Game of Thrones Funko collectible. Since they are only accessible through the NFT drop, this is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a special piece of Game of Thrones memorabilia.

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