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Genesis Ledger NFTs Sold Out In Less Than A Day


All 10,000 pieces of the Genesis Ledger NFTs were sold in less than a day after its release, as reported by the team themselves. Besides that, holders will be able to access the Ledger Market future drops and also on rare Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X. As a matter of fact, the NFT platform already hosts high profile projects like RTFKT, DeadFellaz, LVMH and more. 

How Did Genesis Ledger NFTs Sell So Quickly?

Ledger made an official announcement that the Genesis Edition Market Passes have all been sold. In less than a day, all 10,000 pieces of collectibles were minted for 0.3 ETH per piece. The announcement of all being sold out was made today.

To start off, the rare Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X can be redeemed by each NFT holder. You can rest assured that your NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets will be stored securely in this limited edition hardware wallet. To access their wallet, owners just have to connect via Bluetooth on their smartphones and the access will be granted in an instant. 

What’s more is that the Genesis Ledger NF holder will be able to gain access to the platform’s upcoming drops whilst considering the team’s collabs with LVMH, RTFKT as well as others, this is a true privilege and it is very valuable.

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What is Ledger Market?

Ledger Market in essence is a multi-chain NFT distribution platform. This marketplace says about itself as “The world’s first ever secure mint platform for curated NFT drops.” This basically means that Ledger’s goal was to create an NFT marketplace that is as safe as their physical hardware products.

To put things into perspective, the Market is only accessible securely by users through a virtual ecosystem that is Ledger live. This is where digital assets can be minted securely because collectors will have to go through clear-signing and as of right now, this is the safest way to mint NFTs.

After that, Ledger Genesis NFTs can be traded on secondary marketplaces. However, collectors will have to take into account the 7.5% Ledger royalty fee for each sale on secondary markets. Nevertheless, there are some long-term perks offered to the holders of these digital passes.

What NFT Projects Can Be Found On Ledger?

Moving forward, Ledger has big plans in terms of its debut collaborations. Just to paint a picture, the team already partnered with Nike’s RTFKT.

What’s more is the platform will offer DeadFellaz as well as Tag Heuer’s new NFTs. Holders can then now mint collectibles easier than ever before and it is all thanks to the innovative safety features.

Of course, with all that being said, there are still a lot more in the future that the Market partner will continue to increase and expand facilitating NFT mint safely. 

Ledger’s VP Sebastian Badault said this, “Ledger Market’s value proposition is three fold. First it is built on Ledger’s world-class security standards. Second, Ledger Market is built to be inclusive. It will be accessible to creators, brands and newbies. Third, Ledger Market is a turnkey solution enabling true ownership and control over NFTs, from minting to storing, for all industry players.” For more news on NFT marketplaces, visit NFTeller community.

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