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Gift Goat Gift #7 Collab: FrankyNines x VeeFriends


There is exciting news that is coming to holders of Gift Goat! There will be something new that will be coming for the 7th Goat holders and that is a new partnership between VeeFriends and famous artist FrankyNines! If you have that limited run NFT by FrankyNines then you will also be getting a pair of Huckberry Duck Boots on the add on!

What Is The Gift Goat Gift #7?

Before we go in deeper on the subject we first have to know what or who is gift goat? There are a total of 555 NFTs in the whole collection by VeeFriends, and one of the original 268 characters is Gift Goat.

Of course in VeeFriends there are other sub-collections with unique perks, which makes Gift Goat no different as there are some amazing perks for its holders. Gift Goat holders will be able to receive at least 6 real physical gifts per year for the three years and in context, Gift #7 is the gift of year 2 for VeeFriends.

FrankyNines is the creator of SupDucks hence if it fitting for Gift Goat Gift #7 to be called “Duck, Duck, Goat!”. It comes in two parts.

First of all, Gift Goat holders will receive a pair of ultra-stylish Duck Boots that are for all-weather use and it is courtesy from Huckberry. Secondly, Gift Goat holders will also be receiving 1 of 555 limited edition NFTs. The NFT will feature FrankyNines’s illustration scene for Gift Goat.

FrankyNines, the creator of SupDucks is a legend in the NFT Space and fun fact, FrankyNines also created the Logo for VeeFriends and so this collaboration is a full circle for the both of them! Find out more NFT news updates on our website NFTeller.

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