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Golden Fur Bored Ape NFT Sold For $1.5 Million


One of the members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Vis.Eth, has made a 777ETH purchase on the Golden Fur Ape NFT. This is equivalent to $1.5 million. This is a huge deal considering the current bear market situation. This has definitely strengthen the BAYC NFT potential beyond the bear market, as NFT enthusiasts continue to buy Bored Ape NFT.

What Is Golden Fur Bored Ape NFT?

Also known as Bored Ape #5383, features 6 different traits on an ape. With traits like angry eyes, a lumberjack shirt and a bored-looking, unshaven mouth, this makes the NFT rank 320th on the rarity scale among all the apes according to Rarity Tools.

In an interview with the Bored Ape Gazette, Vis.Eth said this, “I wanted to collect a golden monkey. 777 eth is a suitable price. Yuga will be the first successful social verse.” For those who know Vis.Eth, this isn’t considered a major purchase for him. Before this, he made a purchase of 4500 ETH or $9,000,000 USD worth of Otherdeeds.

Recent BAYC Sales

The BAYC NFT is still one of the most popular blue-chip NFT collections that we know. In addition to this recent Golden Bored Ape NFT, an NFT Enthusiasts bought a Trippy Mega Mutant Ape for 2,300 ETH that is equivalent to $3.91 million USD. In June, Seth Green, an American actor, paid 165 ETH or equivalent to $300,000 USD to be reunited with his stolen Bored Ape.

Other famous individuals obsessed with BAYC include Madonna, who recently announced that she is pinning after Ape #3756. There are more celebrities that make the list as well and that includes Elon Musk, Juston Bieber, Paris Hilton, Travis Barker and Shaquille O’Neal are amongst those who own BAYC NFTs.

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