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Hennessy with FWB To Launch Café 11 NFT Collection


The renowned cognac producer Maison Hennessy has teamed up with Friends With Benefits DAO to release an NFT collection. Holders of NFTs will have access to Café 11, a brand-new Web3 venture. In essence, Café 11 will act as a “dynamic artistic venue,” providing Hennessy enthusiasts with a variety of advantages both online and offline.

All the details regarding Café 11 NFT collection by Hennessy x Friends With Benefits are as follows:

About Café 11 NFT Collection

The Hennessy Tasting Committee meets at 11 a.m., hence the name Café 11 by Hennessy and Friends With Benefits. The cognac producer is bringing its 257-year tradition to the Web3 industry with this effort, establishing a controlled area to meet, discuss, and create. Additionally, all owners of Café 11 NFTs and Friends With Benefits members get access to the exclusive café.

Friends With Benefits functioned as a “creative agency” while New York-based artist John Dessereau created the NFTs. To symbolize the year Hennessy was established, the collection will only contain 1765 NFTs. On November 4, the NFTs went on sale for $450 each.

About IRL Café 11 Inaugural Event

On December 1, 2022, Hennessy will present a live inaugural event at Art Basel Miami to commemorate the opening of Café 11. For clarity, there will be cognac tastings, a variety of gastronomic and entertainment activities, live music, exhibitions, and other experiences available to participants.

Laurent Boillot, President and CEO of Hennessy, stated, “At Hennessy, we believe in promoting avant-garde products. “… For more than 250 years, embracing local cultures has been at the core of our process. Hennessy and FWB share a profound love of art and culture. Hennessy and FWB are creating a world of opportunities both digitally and in real life because they bring together a thriving community of diverse, inspiring creatives from all walks of life. Follow NFTeller for the latest NFT news.

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