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Humankind NFT Release Postponed Due To FTX Drama


Pablo Stanley, the creator of Bueno, postpones the release of his eagerly awaited web3 IP studio drop, “HumanKind” NFT collectibles. The FTX disaster-related market circumstances and conditions are to blame for the delay. Continue reading for more details about the project!

What Is Pablo Stanley’s HumanKind NFT?

With the use of community-driven, user-generated stories, web3 entertainment seeks to improve the craft of storytelling. It also functions on a value system to give artists a foundational income for their work.

The FTX disaster has had a devastating impact on the aspirations of founders, the greater NFT community, as well as other crypto fans and builders. Due to market conditions, some initiatives and protocols were utterly destroyed. The cryptoverse has been affected by this, and HumanKind has moved to deal with the issue.

The Humankind initiative embodies the warmth and sympathy found in the developing web3 sector. It is fair to assume that the group is a strong supporter of both artist wellbeing and mental health. Pablo (@pablostanley) underlined the value of outstanding storytelling and art in their campaign for their collectibles release.

“We’ll debut @humankindArt the following week. I am aware of how challenging it will be to hold people’s interest in the face of constant news cycles and worries about their financial security, but this is the time when art, beauty, and storytelling are most needed. I sincerely hope you will help me. On his official Twitter, Pablo (@pablostanley) earlier declared.

Humankind NFT ReleaseWho the Creator Is?

Pablo Stanley is a creative director and artist who has worked on a variety of projects, including, Bueno, Carbon Health, Robotos, and others. He is a major player in web3 and supports the empowerment of artists. He has more than 5 million followers across all of his art outlets. Additionally, Stanley has a children’s television programme that is produced by TIME Studios, the Emmy-winning television and film subsidiary of TIME Magazine.

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