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Hyundai Is Back With Another NFT Collection


Hyundai is back with their second NFT collection, this time with 5,000 pieces in the Ioniq 6 Collectibles. There are many perks with this new collection, this includes VIP event access as well as fashion NFT drops and many more! A few lucky collectors have been airdropped the collectibles for free.

What Are The Perks of Hyundai New NFT Collection?

Hyundai Motor Co. has just released a brand new NFT collection of Ioniq 6. The company has 5,000 NFT digital assets for collectors and was given to them through airdrop for free. This step allowed car enthusiasts as well as NFT collectors to enjoy the new experience. 

As a matter of fact, Hyundai Ioniq 6 NFT collection benefits include:

  • VIP access to the company’s virtual space called “Planet Hyundai”
  • having early access to fashion-themed digital assets
  • virtual events hosted by Hyundai in the virtual space “Ioniq Digital Garage”

Not only that, depending on holders NFT rarity, there are additional perks involved. There will be only 6 themes to define the rarity of the NFT and here is how. Work, Socializing, Entertainment, Healing, Fun Driving and Sress-free driving.

Executive VP, Thomas Schemera said this, “Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and involve our customers. The Ioniq 6 NFT Collection is a meaningful endeavor to expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling.”

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Are There Other Collectibles Released By Hyundai?

Hyundai launched the NFT collection in April 2022. The drop called “Metamobility Universe” was actually in fact a collaboration with Meta Kongz.

What’s surprising is Hyundai’s previous NFT Collection is actually more exclusive then the new Ioniq 6 collection. Back then, the company released just around 30 limited-edition NFT. The 5,000 free collectables airdropped this time will definitely create a very diverse community.

Early this summer, Chevrolet also released their own exclusive NFT. The hybrid drop featured a very rare Corvette NFT that is linked to the physical vehicle itself. If you are interested in more latest NFT news, check out NFTeller.

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