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Indonesian Teen Awarded For His NFT Contributions To Charity


Teenage Indonesian Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto, 16, was recognised for his continued humanitarian work through NFT. Rainier received his record-breaking certificate from the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) for his efforts using NFT funds to assist crippled communities throughout Indonesia. Donations to his website “Art n Me” total more than Rp 550 million ($5,000).

Indonesian Teen uses NFTs to Raise Money for Charity

NFTs are proving to be a fantastic tool to support charitable causes. As a result, individuals like Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto are succeeding greatly in doing this.

With a focus on Down Syndrome causes, he has raised more than $5,000 through his website. Rainier, his friends, artists from disadvantaged groups, and kids from nearby orphanages are the main contributors to the artwork. In addition, Indonesian teenager Rainier used NFT technology to contribute nine of his own paintings to charitable organisations. Additionally, this money will be used to construct a learning facility for kids with Down syndrome.

In a formal statement, Rainer stated, “It’s crucial that we’re conscious of the current difficulties we have in society and how we might lower the inequality gap to help better the lives of others.”

NFT Art Supporting Global Charities

Unlike traditional art, NFT art has the ability to quickly and effectively reach millions of individuals all over the world. Because of this, over the past year, we have witnessed a global mobilisation of NFT charitable donations for a variety of causes, including those affecting the people of Ukraine. This will be a fantastic approach to assist others in the future swiftly and effortlessly!

Last but not least, Indonesian youngster Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto is a great illustration of how the NFT community and blockchain technology are impacting lives. For upcoming NFT mint news, follow our NFT calendar.

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