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Initial Home Offering Announced by Highstreet & Animoca


If you haven’t heard, an Initial Home Offering (IHO) of 5,000 units of futuristic trailers is being offered by Highstreet World in partnership with Animoca Brands. This all ties in with Highstreet’s vision of bringing together a fulfilling adventure and traditional brands using the Web3 ecosystem to develop the cornerstone for the future of business. 

About the Highstreet x Animoca Brands IHO

Apart from the all-terrain trailers, the Highstreet World metaverse will also feature homes for sales in their upcoming IHO. The virtual world is made up of regions and with their unique characteristics, including an archipelago of Animoca. It is an island chain off the coast of Solera, Highstreet World’s main continent. 

Just to clarify, Highstreet World’s roadmap has started off brilliantly, where user elements are being developed for Metaverse living. This way, anyone can be a part of the innovative Metaverse community no matter where they are around the globe. 

The co-founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, had said that the team is committed to creating a metaverse hat is open and interoperable. It was also said that, “Highstreet is an exciting investment for us because it brings together brands from the Web3 and Traditional online worlds, allowing assets to flow between them. We look forward to making the Animoca Archipelago in Highstreet World a virtual destination where our many different communities and many others can come together in one place.”

About Animoca Archipelago

As mentioned earlier, there will also be Animoca Archipelago which features multiple islands connected together. Each of these island represents a brand or a game that is part of Animoca Brands. These includes REVV Motosports, LayerZero, ApeCoin and more. This means that you can expect to see games and even esports league being integrated with the Archipelago. This gives players an immersive way to be a part of the vast connected gamer community.

“Animoca Archipelago is a place where many universes shaped by games, brands and IP coexist in harmony, Models and assets from other projects will function within this enormous space, where users can interact with each other in novel ways.” This was said by Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet.

Furthermore, Highstreet x Animoca Brands collabs will make way for new possibilities to make the world better. Additionally, more features, especially in collabs with the portfolio companies, encourage more gamers and their participation. 

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When Is The IHO Happening?

You can expect Highstreet IHO to begin whitelisting in the month of August. Once the IHO goes into action then the Minting will take place. The metaverse is yet to announce any details on how to participate in the sale. The upcoming Highstreet IHO with Animoca Brands follows the footsteps of previous sale on Binance. At the time, the total trading volume had crossed $10 million. Moreover as of right now, the floor is 250% of the price. For more upcoming mint news, follow our community.

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