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Jeremy Fall With Diddy NFTs Announces Web3 Record Label


The establishment of Probably A Label, a Web3 record label in partnership with Warner Records, has just been announced by Jeremy Fall, a former celebrity chef and developer of Web3. Using Web3 technology, this new kind of record company seeks to redefine IP ownership in the music sector.

Probably A Label: What We Know So Far

The 5,555 passes that presented Jeremy Fall’s Probably A Label’s vision for what’s to come of music were released, and they were all sold in less than 10 minutes. The first song to be released by Jason Martin and Diddy will come after this.

This Web3 music label will be used by artists to release music, and the community will use its “Studio A” to nurture new intellectual properties. Definitely the standout aspect of this Web3 record label is Studio A. This is due to the fact that community members will be able to actively contribute to determining the label’s destiny. Additionally, a few members of the community will analyze pitches to look for any IP-related ideas.

Initially, Studio A will take pitches from authorized partner NFT projects. These include Doodles, World of Women, BAYC, and Cryptopunks. Projects chosen into this incubation programme will have access to the ecosystems of Warner Records and Probably A Label, Probably Nothing.

“Jeremy (Fall) and the Probably Nothing team share our ambition of expanding the connection between labels, their artists, and fan communities,” stated Sebastian Simone, Vice President of Audience & Strategy at Warner Records.

“We’re delighted to be teaming with Probably A Label on establishing what the future of music ownership looks like, working with our communities to bring IP to life, and helping artists enter the Web3 realm in a meaningful, authentic way,” Simone concluded.

About The Probably Nothing NFT by Jeremy Fall

A Web3 community for the curious, Probably Nothing is run by Jeremy Fall. It aims to onboard as many individuals as possible into the space in order to spread awareness of NFTs and Web3 around the world. The newest project from Probably Nothing, Probably A Label, sees itself as the link between Web2 and Web3 music. As a result, it concurrently develops the relationship between music lovers and the conventional record company paradigm.

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