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Lazy Lions Celebrate Their 1st Anniversary With $100M Mark


Lazy Lions, a sizable NFT collection, has reached the milestone of $100 million in volume traded, which is the ideal way to honour their first birthday. They are currently ranked as the 58th greatest NFT collection of all time and among the top 30 PFP collections.

The History of Lazy Lions

One of the best initiatives in the field has frequently been cited as being Lazy Lions. 

In August 2021, the collection was first issued for a mint price of 0.05 ETH. It took 5 hours for it to sell out. The floor price currently stands at 0.42 ETH, having reached bull market peaks of more than 3.5 ETH. Those who didn’t participate in minting would undoubtedly regret it now.

With 140,000 members on their Discord, 100,000 followers on Twitter, and more than 5,000 holders, the collection has a sizable following base.

In addition, Lazy Lions have been one of the prominent Instagram collections, frequently using it to post news, holder stories, and collaboration announcements. There, too, they have attracted more than 21,000 followers.

Getting to the $100 Million Mark

The project’s CEO and co-founder, Ashur, declared the following in honour of hitting this significant milestone: “30,000 ETH traded. What an achievement. On the OpenSea all-time top list (which includes every NFT made, even games), it is ranked 59th… and we’ve only just begun. #LazyLions.”

The business also posted on Instagram with the hashtags “LazyLions #Roar” and “It’s been one hell of a year.”

Lions are witnessing the results of their community-building skills in action and wish to continue building through this point. especially through the styles of graffiti art in Austin, Melbourne, and LA that are influenced by the Lazy Lions. The Lazy Lions community appears to be one of the loudest and most active voices on Twitter and Instagram thanks to significant collaborations, a robust and vibrant community, and an interesting roadmap.

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