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Lil Pudgys NFT Collection Gets Physical Toys Licensed


The Lil Pudgys NFTs are coming to life thanks to an exciting relationship with PMI Toys, a well-known brand for cutting-edge children’s toys worldwide! The Pudgy Penguins ecosystem’s NFT collection called Lil Pudgys is launching its own line of fully approved physical toys. It is the newest action taken by Pudgy Penguins, a sizable NFT project with sizable intentions. An exciting new physical toy collection will now include the new toys in addition to the already-announced Pudgy Plushies line.

Lil Pudgys Joins Pudgy Penguins Toy Collection

Only a few weeks have passed since the Pudgy Penguins also revealed their first line of toys, the Pudgy Plushies, before the announcement of Lil Pudgys physical toys.

@pudgypenguins discussed the planned collections bridging Web2 and Web3 in a tweet to their 75k followers. “These treasures, along with our Pudgy Plushies, are merely a sneak peak of the varied collection of toys,” they claimed. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of IP utilization in Web3 as we continue to bring the Pudgy Penguins to life. Watch this space for the next step.

Pudgy Penguins NFT Price Continues To Rise

The floor price of the Pudgy Penguins NFTs has significantly increased from the initial product announcement. A Pudgy Penguins NFT sold for 400 ETH last month! Currently, the floor price is about 3.25 ETH.

With only 2,222 NFTs, the Lil Pudgys collection is considerably smaller. Even so, it remains a crucial component of the entire ecosystem. When the Lil Pudgies toys go on sale, it will be fascinating to observe how the pricing changes. These adorable little penguin NFTs are currently available for purchase for 0.22 ETH.

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