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Loyalty Cards Are Now NFTs at Maine Lobster Delivery Service


The lobster delivery service ‘Get Maine Lobster’ has informed its users that their loyalty cards will be replaced with NFTs. This is a great way to show how powerful NFT projects are. The company that delivers seafood and lobsters online has partnered with OneOf, a cool web3 company that works on sports, music, and making NFTs that are specific to a brand. The old loyalty cards will be replaced by the New NFT member pass. Membership costs range from free to $2,000, and members can get fresh seafood delivered all year, along with famous Maine lobster.

‘Get Maine Lobster’ NFT Memberships

OneOf has worked closely with business that delivers lobsters to make Lobster Perks+, which has four different levels of yearly NFT loyalty. Each level has a different number of fish and other useful things.

In the United States, Maine is known for its seafood, especially the tasty Maine lobster. Now, thanks to NFTs, users can get this delicious seafood at any time of the year.

NFT Tier System Offers Everyone a Chance to Join

The membership tiers range from $0 up to $2,000, which is a big difference. If you have the Crew Club+, which is the entry-level tier for $0, you’ll be entitled to seafood delivery and merchandise discounts. The Sternman Club+ costs $25 per year, the Captains Club+ costs $350, and the Diamond Club+ costs $2,000 per year.

Undoubtedly, each level has a lot to offer, and the prices reflect that. The Captains Club+ NFT comes with eight lobster stories, discounts, upgrades, and even a candle that smells like lobster.

The Diamond Club+ membership is expensive, but you will get 100 pounds of wild-caught, live lobster that will be sent to you over the course of a year. There is also more delicious seafood, discounts, perks, and exclusive access. This NFT is limited to only 5, which shows how unique they are.

Lastly, anyone with a Get Maine Lobster membership NFT will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include a once-in-a-lifetime lobster fishing trip with Get Maine Lobster’s founder, Mark Murrell, and free lobster deliveries. Follow the latest NFT news on NFTeller.

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