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Magic Eden Is Expanding To Ethereum Blockchain


Magic Eden, an NFT Marketplace centered around its community, just announced that they will be integrating Ethereum NFTs. This move is an important one as Ethereum is a very popular blockchain for NFTs. This is going to help the platform expand its efforts in building a prescence across Web3 communities. 

Magic Eden On The Blockchain Integration

Counting from September last year, a total of trade volume of $2 Billion has been generated by Magic Eden. NFT creators have been able to launch seamlessly across various chains and benefited from added liquidity as well as new audiences.

New Magic Eden with Ethereum Blockchain features Magic Eden list, which is a whitelist and audience targeting tool, Launchpad that is now with ETH & SOL compatibility and Drop Calendar. There will also be a beta test for a cross-currency trading product conducted by the platform. This means that users will soon be able to make purchases using different currencies (SOL, ETH, credit cards) while browsing different ranges of NFTs.

Additionally, the platform will provide top-notch support with Launchpad. This features both minting and marketing in a seamless operation and bespoke launch build-outs. 

What Does This Mean For Creators?

The platform’s COO and Co-Founder Zhuoxun Yin has said that these tools were developed as a free resource to honor the creators while addressing their needs in the NFT space. He further added that with Launchpad, the cross chain feature aims to reach out to a new set of audience seeking to grow their projects and leverage on an additional source of liquidity. This way, creators using Magic Eden do not have to put up with the challenging choice of deciding on a chain which could potentially limit their audience reach. He also said, “Web3 is a place for us to share knowledge and evolve together.”

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Creators across chains can make pre-mint traction and journey using Magic Eden and journey, using the list and holder management tool. What’s more is that the creators interested in launching their own communities can use plaform’s white label marketplace solutions to do so.

Its CEO and Co-Founder Jack Lu sums up the platform’s vision saying “We believe in a collective NFT Community that exists across multiple chains. Launching collector tools like the cross-chain Magic Eden Drop Calendar will be the first step towards realising that vision. The more creators and collectors can reach across chains, the more we can collectively experience powerful cultural moments on the blockchain.” To catch the latest NFT news, follow NFTeller.

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