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Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball Card On Sale As NFT


Little League baseball card of Mark Zuckerberg back in 1992 is going on sale as an NFT! The sale is set to happen as Instagram expands digital NFT collectibles to 100 countries. The baseball card will be auctioned physically as well as an NFT by the Metropolis Comic Collect. What’s to take note is that the card is being sold by Zuckerberg’s camp counselor who kept the custom-made card that Zuckerberg gave to him as gift back in 1992.

About Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball Card NFT

As mentioned, the baseball card is actually a gift made by Mark Zuckerberg for his favourite camp counselor, Allie Tarantino. Tarantino had also playfully asked the 8-year-old Zuckerberg to sign it at the time which he did and now 30 years later, that one and only card has surfaced again!

Tarantino revealed that people are always greatly surprised by her story of how she knew Zuckerberg while he was still a young camper. Seeing that Zuckerberg is now a prominent public figure in the tech world and almost everyone knows of him, Tarantino thought it is now the best time to put this card on the market for sale.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card and its NFT will go on sale with multiple documents to prove it’s authenticate the manufacturing history, Zuckerberg’s signature and also his attendance at Camp Elmwood.

Instagram NFT Feature Expanding To 100 Countries

Originally, the Instagram NFT feature was only available to selected users based in the US. Now, Instagram has announced the international expansion of the NFT feature to 100 countries across various regions such as Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. In addition, Meta announced the Instagram NFT feature will support wallet connection from Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask and Trust Wallet. 

Coming on the heels of this NFT expansion is Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card as an NFT. Zuckerberg also wrote on Instagram saying “In honour of expanding digital collectibles NFTs to 100 countries on Instagram and launching new integrations with Coinbase and Dapper, I’m sharing my soon-to-be NFT old little league baseball card, which someone recently found and sent to me.”

Instagram NFT Feature NFTeller

Posting NFTs On Instagram

If you find that the Instagram NFT feature has come to your country, it will be an easy process in posting an NFT. The one thing you need to do is to first connect your digital wallet on Instagram. However, it will have to be a digital wallet that is supported by Instagram.

As of right now, the 3 blockchains supported by Instagram NFTs are Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow as well. You will also not be charged for sharing digital collectibles NFT on Instagram. Besides all this, Meta’s Facebook reported its first decline in revenues in Q2 2022. This could be why Meta is doubling down on the niche NFT market.

If you are interested to find out the new and latest NFT projects, follow our NFT news and drops.

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