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Matt Higgins of Shark Tank Buys a $50k ENS Domain


An ENS domain was just purchased by Shark Tank investor Matt Higgins for an astounding 30 ETH ($51,853.20). The two-digit/three-digit.eth domains continue to bring in high-value purchases, and ENS domains are in strong demand. Importantly, Matt Higgins bought 713 ETH, and those are important numbers. Houston, Texas’s area code 713 is frequently mentioned in popular culture, including music.

The $50K ENS Domain Purchase

ENS domains have seen a significant growth in popularity during the past year. In fact, the Ethereum Name Service announced last month that they have officially reached the 2 million name milestone. “2m ENS names created!” they tweeted. We’ve only just begun; it took five years to collect 1 million names, then 3.5 months to collect 2 million names.

Celebrities are entering the NFT space in greater numbers. Currently, some are investigating ENS domains, including Matt Higgins.

Discovering ENS Domains Through Tweets

SOL domain names were the subject of a tweet by @OGDfarmer, and Matt Higgins started to inquire in response. “Can you enlighten me on what you see here?” he asked. I’m not knowledgeable.

Many people shared their opinions on ENS domains in the corresponding replies, and they were generally favorably welcomed. Less than a day later, Matt Higgins made offers on several three-digit ENS domains using his Shark Tank expertise.

Before purchasing the 713.ETH, Higgins placed bids on several other.ETH domains, including 917 and 718.

Finally, as a gift for Matt Higgins, Twitter user @gweiman eth registered the blockchain domain mhiggins.eth.

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