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MetaMask New Update Can Now Buy NFTs With Paypal


ConsenSys, the dominant Web3 business, revealed yesterday that users in the United States can now purchase Ethereum directly from within the MetaMask software using PayPal. What this implies is that with to the latest version for MetaMask, users may quickly and easily acquire NFTs using their PayPal accounts. It’s important to keep in mind that Metamask is the first Web3 wallet to incorporate PayPal, which should lead to more smooth transactions. What follows is essential information.

MetaMask’s Recent Update

Since the most recent upgrade to Metamask, users in the United States have had an easier time using PayPal to purchase and send ETH. Given that the majority of Americans use MetaMask as their primary self-custodial wallet, this change is monumental. Moreover, millions of users rely on the crypto wallet as their primary entry point into the plethora of other applications out there, including as NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn games, DAOs, DeFi, and the metaverse.

And with MetaMask breaking down the barriers to entry, buying NFTs has never been simpler. Users will soon be able to quickly and easily add funds to their MetaMask wallets in preparation for making in-app purchases.

“This integration with PayPal will allow our U.S. users to not just buy crypto seamlessly through MetaMask, but also to easily explore the Web3 ecosystem,” said Lorenzo Santos, Product Manager for MetaMask.

About PayPal

The financial technology business PayPal has operated an online payment system for customers for over 20 years. By leveraging technology, the firm has made banking more accessible, convenient, and safe for customers. It’s totally free to sign up and link your bank account, credit card, or both. More than 300 million people use the platform, and it serves more than 200 countries with merchant accounts.

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