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Michael Phelps x Sports Illustrated Drop NFTs For Mental Health


In the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated, Michael Phelps, a swimming legend, is featured as a non-fictional character (NFT). On December 6th, the newest issue of the cover collection was released in recognition of Phelps’ status as the Olympic medal winner with the most hardware. What’s more, the NFT collection is housed by the most popular NFT marketplace, OneOf. It also highlights his efforts as an outspoken advocate for mental health on a global scale. Keep reading to find out more about this set!

How To Collect The Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated Cover NFTs?

The Michael Phelps NFT project is a nod to the landmark “The Rehabilitation of Michael Phelps” cover story that appeared in Sports Illustrated on November 16, 2015. Michael Phelps’s life was forever altered by this incident. Here, the sporting legend disclosed publicly for the first time his ongoing battles with his mental health. The Olympian has since bravely opened up about his ongoing battle with anxiety and despair. While always pushing for more funding and attention to mental health issues. There is also his work with the Michael Phelps Foundation to consider. Thousands of kids have had access to the social-emotional learning system made possible by this organization’s efforts.

“Sports Illustrated has had the honor of covering Michael’s career for close to 20 years and we are especially proud to have been the outlet for Michael to first open up about his struggles with mental health exactly 7 years ago,” said Michael Sherman, vice president of media for Sports Illustrated’s parent company, Authentic Brands Group (Authentic). Michael is a true trailblazer both in and out of the pool and we are humbled to again partner with him to amplify mental health awareness through a new lens as part of this NFT collection”.

It’s Michael Phelps’ first time appearing on the distributed ledger. And Sports Illustrated is the best publication to capture his athletic splendour and brilliant career. There are a total of four stages to the NFT project. The Green Tier NFTs are static photos, while the Gold Tier, Platinum Tier, and Diamond Tier are all digital collectibles with moving parts. For $20, you can get a bundle of these NFTs that contains four NFTs at random from each price point. Visit the Michael Phelps official mint page on OneOf to get your NFTs today!

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