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Netherlands To Be The Most “Metaverse Ready” Country


In light of the increasing attention paid to the idea of a metaverse, a recent research has concluded that the Netherlands is the most prepared country in the world to enter this brave new world. The country has the ability to match the speed needs of the metaverse, as it has one of the highest median fixed broadband speeds (Mbps) in the world. Additionally, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France round up the top five.

The Netherlands has been called “the most metaverse-ready country in the world.” On what assumptions does this study rest? Who else on the globe made it into the top ten?

About the Research

Uswitch, a company that offers comparison and switching services online and over the phone, has undertook a study to determine which nations are best prepared to accept the metaverse. The firm compared countries based on factors including average download speeds, average monthly costs, and the amount spent on high-tech exports. A few other indicators were the annual amount of Google searches per million people concerning the metaverse and the number of startups providing blockchain financial services.

Uswitch then calculated a composite “metaverse readiness score” for each nation based on how well it fared across all of these factors. The Netherlands came in first with a score of 7.74 out of a possible 10.

What Makes Netherlands ‘Metaverse-Ready’?

First, with a speed of 106.51 Mbps, the Netherlands has one of the fastest fixed broadband connections in the world. Even more impressive is the fact that in 2021, its high-tech exports per capita amounted to $5,770, making it a top-tier manufacturer of cutting-edge goods.

“Not only does Metaverse broadband need to be quick, it needs to be affordable and accessible too,” the report noted. “This requires a strong foundation in the technology, including in payments through the blockchain, to make such an advanced, data-heavy system usable for people’s everyday activities.”

The Netherlands also does well on this set of metaverse criteria. More importantly, it has one of the highest rates of metasearches per capita of any country in the world. There are more than 24,000 Google searches per a million individuals in the country every year.

Metaverse Ready Countries

Are There Other Countries That Are Metaverse Ready?

Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France take the second through fifth spots, respectively, in the survey. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is in seventh place, with a score of 6.77. While it has the fastest internet speed (167.36 Mbps), the United States ranks 12th overall.

Meanwhile, at just $9 a month, Romania has the world’s cheapest internet. However, in terms of overall standings, it is immediately behind the United States at number 13. High-tech exports are most prevalent in the Republic of Ireland, while the number of blockchain companies per million people is highest in Cyprus (42.8%). In conclusion, Cypriots conduct the most Google queries pertaining to the metaverse.

The report gives an overview of countries’ metaverse readiness, but it is important to keep in mind that there are additional considerations. Examining each country’s population is a crucial consideration for such assessments. Additionally, considerations like, “Which countries are already leading in metaverse adoption?” will need to be taken into account. Which nations have the most people using cryptocurrencies? How many crypto and NFT have been sold so far? For more NFT news, follow NFTeller.

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