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New Gamified NFT Release Announced by Jenkins The Valet


Jenkins The Valet, a steward at the BAYC, is launching a podcast and releasing some exciting new NFTs at the same time. Using virtual goods as entry tokens, the podcast hopes to foster a sense of community. Additionally, it introduces a novel approach to listening to podcasts and audio dramas by fusing gamification with high-quality storytelling and audio production. In this one-of-a-kind podcast, we’ll be discussing the exciting new gamified NFTs that are soon to be released.

What’s Special About Jenkins The Valet’s NFTs?

The forthcoming release of Jenkins The Valet’s fiction podcast was announced on Twitter on November 27. An additional “dynamic, gamified” NFT collection was also announced by him a few hours later. The NFTs, according to Jenkins, will increase audience participation in the podcast. Furthermore, Jenkins states that as the podcast progresses, listeners will be able to compete against one another and display their achievements.

He also notes that after hearing each episode, listeners would acquire a personal NFT on the Twitter thread announcing the collection. This NFT is also available on a dedicated podcasting website. Once users have linked their wallets to the site and proven that they possess the NFT, they will be able to listen to an audio puzzle pertaining to that episode. The holders of NFTs will next be given the opportunity to take a quiz based on the episodes. After the submission period ends, the correct answers will be made public.

Any NFTs earned by attentive listeners who guessed correctly will be updated accordingly. The dynamic nature of the NFTs allows them to automatically refresh and display the most recent, accurate responses. In addition, their score will increase depending on how quickly they responded to the questions. As an added bonus, users can see where they stand on a leaderboard. There will be a variety of hand-picked rewards at various spots on the scoreboard. Podcast NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded at any point during the season.

“Each audio puzzle will be a collaboration between a team of professional puzzle makers and our partners at SALT. We’re excited about the intersection between storytelling and token-gated gamification and look forward to pioneering this trend with the Writer’s Room!.” said Jenkins on the Twitter thread.

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