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New Season of The Gimmicks Web3 Animated Show


The Gimmicks, a popular adult animated series from Web3 animation studio Toonstar, will premiere a second season on the Avalanche blockchain. The sitcom will continue to be executive produced by seasoned Hollywood writers Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright, who contributed to episodes of Family Guy and Star Trek. Mark Consuelos from Riverdale will also work as an executive producer and voice actor for The Gimmicks.

About the Upcoming Season of The Gimmicks

Early on, The Gimmicks embraced Web3. NFT holders now have the power to direct plotlines and character arcs. The model turned out to be highly successful, starting a trend in the marketplace.

NFT holders can communicate with one another on-chain thanks to Toonstar’s exclusive technologies. In just three months, this resulted in over 1 million votes and messages as well as over 70 000 weekly on-chain actions. Toonstar will therefore increase Web3 opportunities in the upcoming season of The Gimmick. The community can communicate on-chain through “Upvoting,” a forum akin to Reddit, and “Hot or Not” (a Rotten Tomatoes-like rating board).

According to John Attanasio, CEO and co-founder of Toonstar, “Audience engagement and retention are declining across all platforms with traditional Hollywood material, but our strategy is bucking the trend.” We knew the Avalanche team understood Hollywood 3.0 and could offer the best technology and support to help us lead as soon as we started speaking with them. Check out the latest NFT drops on NFTeller.

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