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Next Earth Now Has LAND Descriptions For Metaverse Plots


With the release of the Event Horizon Update, Next Earth will begin providing LAND Descriptions. The long-awaited update introduces a number of significant changes, many of which are designed to strengthen the importance of commerce in the metaverse. Next Earth is also encouraging its users to submit comments, calling the current set of features the “1.0 version.” Beginning on November 30th, new features were released.

What Are Next Earth Land Descriptions?

Landowners can make a strong impression on the Web3 and Web2 with the help of Next Earth’s Land Description function. This is due to the fact that any website’s description can be linked to inside the description itself. Companies can use their property as a launching pad to increase website visits.

What is the Next Earth Operating System?

A new version of Earth’s operating system is being released alongside the Event Horizon Update (NEOS). NEOS allows programmers to create applications for the Web3 platform without regard to the languages they use. NEOS allows anyone to create their own Dynamic NFTs without needing to learn Solidity, and it does it in a Web2 compatible way.

What is the Ambassador Program for Next Earth Land?

The Ambassador Program has been officially introduced by Next Earth with the release of the Event Horizon Update. Through this initiative, community members can take on an official role as a Brand Messenger, Brand Builder, or Brand Creator. What follows is a breakdown of the three categories of benefits, each of which offers its own unique possibilities. Some Next Earth Ambassadors will even be given the opportunity to host regional hubs or represent the company at in-person events.

What is the Accelerator Program?

Entrepreneurs that are ready to put their business plans into action might benefit from the Accelerator Program. Next Earth will provide financing and business advice if the initiative is selected. For Web3 Founders looking to launch their products, this is a significant pathway to doing so.

In spite of the current economic climate, Next Earth is forging ahead with new infrastructure, demonstrating that now is the moment to take action. Follow NFTeller for more NFT news.

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