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NFT Experience in Thailand Promotes Tourist Exploration


Amazing Thailand NFTs brings a whole new exploration experience for those who come to visit Thailand. Officially made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the NFTs will get people interested in visiting the country’s most important cultural sites. To get these NFTs, partakers have to go to these five places, which include the Ancient City in Samut Prakan. Those who joined have until December 14 to get the 3,999 NFTs that are at each location.

The Amazing Thailand NFTs Experience is Here

Over 35 million people visit Thailand every year, which makes the country a hot spot for tourists all over the world. It has beautiful beaches, delicious food, ancient temples, and a lively nightlife. In reality, it’s a place that every traveler wants to go! Tourism is a big business that web3 technology is trying to help to communicate people and places in various ways.

NFTs are now being used by the country to get people to visit some of its most important cultural sites and learn more about its history. There are five places you can go to collect NFTs. China Town, Siam Square, the Ancient City in Samut Prakan, Wat Arun, and the Giant Swing are the spots.

TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said, “This Amazing Thailand NFTs brings our NFT products—Nature to keep, Food to explore, and Thainess to discover—into actual trips and offers new experiences in line with the “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” campaign. The plan is also part of the effort to build a “new tourism ecosystem” that will make the industry more sustainable.

Amazing Thailand NFT

How to Get Your NFTs

To get the NFTs, you will need to download the YAKS app for Android or iOS but then just scan the QR code at each spot. You can start unlocking NFTs at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

The Amazing Thailand NFTs also have a game part to them. Only 3,999 NFTs are available, so there is a race to get to each site and get one. Consequently, people who get three NFTs can get deals, discounts, and free things to do all over the country.

Thailand’s view of web3 technology has changed a lot because of the new NFT project. Last year, Thailand passed new laws that made it illegal to trade in NFTs. 

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