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NFT Launched By Flying Dog Brewery and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey


Together, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Flying Dog Brewery have created “The Osopher NFT Bundle,” an exclusive NFT collection package. Fans may only purchase the set on SpiritsNetwork.com on November 11th. In actuality, the bundle was gone in a flash. Furthermore, the First Responders Foundation received 10% of the sales. Let’s look at Flying Dog Brewery’s “The Osopher NFT.”

What’s in the Flying Dog Brewery and Osopher Whiskey NFT?

Basically, 23 collections were offered for $230. These contained bottles of The Osopher Beer from Flying Dog Brewery, The Osopher Whiskey from Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a tote featuring artwork by Ralph Steadman, and a digital NFT artwork by Ralph Steadman, the partnership bottle designer.

There was also one “The Osopher NFT Bundle ” available. A priceless signed copy of the NFT artwork, The Osospher Beer and Whiskey, the tote, and the digital NFT art were all included in this set. The collection is powered by YellowHeart, a well-known Web3 marketplace for memberships, music, and tickets.

What is the Osopher Project?

Although Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Flying Dog Brewery are independent organizations, they have the same founder, George Stranahan. These two businesses worked together to develop the Osopher Project in the summer of 2022. The beer and whiskey produced pay homage to the creativity and skill that George used to establish his two companies.

When the whiskey first became available, it was gone in just 72 hours in Denver, Colorado. When the beer went on sale in Maryland, the stores ran out. You can pursue anything if you’re just crazy enough to try it, according to the Osopher Project.

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