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NFT Wallets Drained As Hackers Targets Duppies NFT


The Duppies Community came alive to talk about the recent incident. The official Duppies twitter account was hacked and the hackers put out a link and when clicked on the ‘stealth mint’ link, it will attack your wallets. In fact, there are some people’s wallets being drained just by clicking on that link. Since it started, many people from Solana communities have already come out to Twitter to warn others not to click on the link. 

What Actually Happened To The Duppies Account?

What actually happened was the official Duppies account was being hacked. The hackers made an announcement announcing there was a stealth mint going on. When clicked on the link, users have actually given up their NFT wallet to the hackers to do what they will. According to Helloimmorgan, a twitter user, some people’s NFT wallet was already broken into and was drained via clicking this link. 

The Duppies, Who Are They?

The Duppies is a NFT project that comes from the same group of people that worked on the same project called DeGods NFT Collection. Frank and his team have done fabulous work on DeGods to the point Shaquille O’Neal took favour on the NFT collection. The team is also a sponsor for a team in Ice Cube’s Big3 League.

What is being confirmed is the mint date will be on July 15th, 2022 and there will be 15 thousand NFT’s and participants will need 375 $DUST to mint on a Duppies NFT

The Duppies NFT is a 100% WL project with 9.5 thousand spots reserved for the DeadGods NFT holders. Also, Frank and the team will be giving out 3.5 thousand scholarship spots. 1.5 thousand WL spots will also be given to DAO’s according to the amount of $DUST they have. There is yet any information as to how the NFT will look like. The team will only release the NFT during the actual mint.

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