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Nguyen Nhut 3D NFT Artwork For Invisible Friends


The award-winning artist Nguyen Nhut is working with the top NFT project Invisible Friends to make digital 3D model NFTs. The supply of 5,000 pieces costs 0.07 ETH and goes on sale on November 23 at 12 p.m. PST. Find out more about this special collection and how to make the 3D Invisible Friends in the section below.

How To Get the 3D NFT Artwork?

In the NFT-verse, the Invisible Friends have done really well. This project already had more than 100,000 people interested in it before it even started. On November 23, the community and a wider audience will be able to see the piece of art in 3D. Holders of Invisible Friends and Clay Boys will have a week to make their 3D Invisible Friend. One 2D NFT Invisible Friend will let you get one 3D NFT Invisible Friend. Also, the project says that any mints that are left over will be added to the supply.

Furthermore, the Random Character Collective (RCC) team will be unable to coin their own Invisible Friends NFT. On the contrary, once the 7-day time period closes, the group will get their matching quantity of NFTs via airdrops, only considering if any NFTs remain. There are also 50 whitelist spaces reserved for Nguyen’s ‘Clay Boy’ project holders. The team at Invisible Friends has informed its audience that the NFT distribution will be equal to meet the community’s best interest.

Nguyen Nhut gives each 3D Invisible Friend a mix of new and old random traits. On the official Invisible Friends website, you can print out the 3D Invisible Friends right away. Quickly! Get it now before it’s too late!

Invisible Friends NFT

About Invisible Friends

Markus Magnusson, a well-known Swedish artist, is behind the NFT project Invisible Friends. When it came out, the Invisible Friends became one of the most talked-about NFT projects ever. The 5000-piece collection has a unique look, with invisible people dressed in stylish clothes. 

The brand that started a trend became so well-known for its sleek style that it started to work with fashion giants like KITH. A collection of “OG Toys” and a spinoff of the project are also on the growing project’s roadmap. The “Garbage Friends” project is the complete opposite of the clean look of the “Invisible Friends.” For more NFT news, follow NFTeller.

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