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Pixel Vault Community Discusses Lack of Progress & Token Iliquidity


There has been some discussion regarding the lack of project development and illiquid token of $PUNKS among the Pixel Vault NFT holders. A well-known NFT influencer Nathanhead.eth took to twitter this week sharing a picture of his $PUNKS token and how it can’t be swapped due to zero liquidity. On the same thread, there were many other users commenting about the project’s development.

Who is Pixel Vault?

Pixel Vault is a media company on Web3 that primarily does narrative development and curated stories elevate crypto in various ways. They are the creators of highly popular PUNKS Comics, PV MintPass, MetaHero Identities and others more.

Remarkably, there were also part of the special partnerships between BAYC, GMoney, PUNKS Comic, and together Adidas. NFTs made a big impact last year, and we have Pixel Vault to thank for its success. The web3 company saw the NFTs make nearly 100k ETH.

Just like plenty other projects in the NFT space, Pixel Vault saw a decline in price of its various NFT collections. Due to this, NFT holders are now concerned about the future of this project. If you are interested in up and coming NFT projects, follow NFTeller calendar.

“What hurts is I spent well over half a year staking two ‘Punks Comic #1’s, Watching their value fall over time, to find out the $PUNKS token I was earning from staking is totally illiquid.” This was said by @Nathanhead.eth in a Tweet that he posted.

The Future of Pixel Vault

While there were many who started questioning the longevity of Pixel Vault, there were others that saw it differently. One user pointed out the recent news about a Rarible custom Pixel Vault market and other plans for the future as well.

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure what the future holds for Pixel Vaultbut the zero liquidity on $PUNKS will certainly need to be addressed in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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