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Playboy Steps Into the Metaverse with MetaMansion


Playboy just revealed its MetaMansion and the courtesy goes to Sandbox in this virtual experience. Playboy have just announced that Sandbox will be Playboy MetaMansion’s official home! The teaser of the Rabbitar and the NFT Collection came around Fall of 2021. 

What is Playboy X Sandbox MetaMansion all about?

Playboy had already hinted before back in October 2021 when they launched the first Playboy Avatar NFT called Rabbitar. Today, Playboy have kept the promise and have launched the teaser video today on the Playboy MetaMansion.

Just a summary, Playboy will use this MetMansion to be an immersive and interactive game in Sandbox. Events as well as NFT release will and more will also be held in this MetaMansion. 

The MetaMansion of Playboy takes inspiration from the 20 year long history and also the content library and art collections. Also a whole long list of events hosted at the Playboy Mansion.

What we need to keep notes is that, Holder of the Rabbitar NFT will get special utility in the MetaMansion and will also be able to have the special VIP access to experience quests, giveaways and more. Rabbitar holders also will have the ability to help shape the future of MetaMansion.

playboy metaverse mansion nfteller nft news

What’s coming up for Playboy Mansion in Metaverse?

Just some things to get you excited for the project. Playboy also now has its own discord channel in Sandbox as well. 

Rabbitar holders will get to verify their NFT and be able to get the Playboy Rabbitar role. They are able to get special access, giveaways and other benefits in the future. Last of all, there will also be updates on MetaMansion and also the discord server and the playboy channel in the Sandbox server.

But what we need to know is Playboy have yet to come up with a date but it will work with Sandbox to share the updates in the MetaMansion for the timeline for it. Timeline will also have the timeline when Playboy LAND as well as to when it will be unveiled.

With all that being said, we cannot but say this is a major step in the right direction for Playboy into the Metaverse along with all the other brands that have set up shop in Sandbox joining in the ranks of established brands. One of the brands is TIME, the American magazine company as well is trying to work with Sandbox to create the virtual TIME Square.

Other partners of Sandbox include, Ledger, HSBC and NFT’s fav celeb Snoop Dogg. For more NFT news update check out on our website NFTeller.

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