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Proof Collective Announces NFT Events And Art Drops


PROOF Collective has been on a roll over the last six months, from the launch of Moonbirds and Oddities to organising events at NFT NYC and amassing over 100 PROOF Podcasts. They also increased their team size to 30, adding a Director of Research and a full-time PROOF analyst. PROOF has now revealed its future goals and what we may anticipate from the team in the following months.

For more updates on upcoming NFT drops and mints, follow our NFT calendar. But now, let’s take a peek at PROOF’s future.

Future Events

Europeans rejoice: PROOF are embarking on a European tour. These events, dubbed ‘The PROOF Roadshow,’ are billed as “less of a party and more of a means to interact with people and get to know each other.” Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, and London are among the cities on the 2018 tour (during Frieze). Details will be revealed on Discord, and there is talk of an Australiasian tour.

They are also organising a ‘PROOF Of Conference’ on top of delivering their own roadshow. This means it’s going to be a celebration of Web3 for days to come, including art exhibitions, in-person mint experiences, and discussions by industry leaders, scheduled for mid-2023. If you are a PROOF Collective member, you will receive a complimentary VIP pass! When ticket sales begin, Moonbirds and Oddities holders will get exclusive early access and discounted passes.

Updates From PROOF Collective

Expect the group to drop frequent materials to aid in their continuous effort of bringing clarity and insights to the NFT space. This includes monthly Deep Dives into new industries and areas of the NFT ecosystem, as well as a daily email and weekly trend and theme reports.

Proof Collective Holy GrailPROOF Curated Products

PROOF is working hard to bring on additional world-class artists. In order to achieve this goal, they have revealed a collection of handpicked products. To begin with, Grails will now be a three-times-a-year event, with season 3 already in the works. Second, they are sharing their knowledge on smart contract to further strengthen their collaborations with artists who are participating. As a result, NFT initiatives will become more innovative and original.

PROOF Curated is a new launch that they are introducing to their market. In collaboration with PROOF, this product encourages top artists and curators to create limited edition releases of their favourite young artists. The first Curated release is in collaboration with a season II Grails artist (yet to be announced).

Finally, we have Genesis. PROOF will introduce established conventional artists and creators into NFTs for the first time through Genesis.

PROOF has big ambitions for this year. They are also preparing a Moonbirds DAO and treasury, and have recently revealed Moonbirds Mythics, the first official expansion to the Moonbirds collection. Follow PROOF on YouTube or on Twitter to stay up to speed on any PROOF announcements.

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