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PSG Star Kylian Mbappé Signed With Sorare NFT


A famous football star has now joined in the NFT space and he is French Football star, Kylian Mbappé. Kylian has joined Sorare, a NFT-Based fantasy football platform. Kylian joined as an investor and also as their global ambassador. This is also the first time that Sorare signed with someone that is a player as the ambassador. Here is more to know on Sorare signing Kylian Mbappé.

About Sorare On The Signing Of Kylian

Sorare announced last week that they will be signing the PSG forward with Kylian. With this signing, what it means for Kylian is that he will also be joining other sports celebrities like Serena Williams, Gerard Pique and also Rio Ferdinand who all also invested in Sorare.

Nicolas Julia, Sorare founder, has also tweeted saying “Kylian is becoming our exclusive, long term ambassador as well as a major investor”. He also said “Together, we’ll bring Sorare to millions of fans. Kylian will accelerate our mission to unite sports fans across the globe around a player owned gaming experience.”

Nicolas further tweeted “Kylian is more than a football player, He’s a global icon who carries strong values on and off the pitch. Together, we’ll help underprivileged groups start their business and learn about web3”.

He also added that Sorare and Kylian for IBKM will hold training, conferences and also a special certification. IBKM is a charity and the full name is “Inspired by KM” and this charity is owned by Kylian Mbappé to help those who are underprivileged youths to help them achieve their dreams. Sorare will also auction a Mbappé unique NFT for charity.

Sorare NFT Sales Rises

The sales of Sorare suddenly soar just after the signing of Mbappé as an investor and an ambassador. The sales of Sorare have gone up by 312.67% at the time of the article and this is according to CryptoSlam.

In that short amount of time the sales have hit over 3million dollars being the highest of any NFT Project to date. At the same time, CryptoPunk held on to 2nd spot with just over 2million dollars. NBA TopShot takes 3rd, generating over 765,000 dollars in 24 hours.

In the category of Sales of the Past 7-day Sorare also has their numbers soaring and currently holds 4th place with a total over 6.5million dollars. It is very obvious that it has made all the good in the world for Sorare to have signed with a famous football star, Kylian Mbappé on their platform.

sorare signs mbappe nft football news nftellerA Little About Sorare

Sorare is a company that was founded back in 2018 and it is an NFT-based fantasy football game. This allows customers to buy, sell, trade as well as manage virtual football teams through their NFT. To play this game is first to buy an NFT card that you want on your team to have your line-up. The users do completely own their cards when they purchase the NFT. Users and holders can as well sell the cards on secondary marketplaces.

There are currently over 250 football teams internationally signed with Sorare. Moreover, Sorare also claims to have 2 million users and is ranking in over 346 million in all-time sales. Just September, the platform also raised 680million in series B to accumulate the value up to 4.3billion in valuation. Read more NFT football news on NFTeller.

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