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‘R Planet’ NFT Collection from R Labs Genesis Inspires Positivity


R Labs, a women-owned web3 company, has disclosed the origin of its NFT Collection – R Planet. The collection is concerned with producing beneficial effects and experiences in the real world. With this initial release, R Labs, which was created by former Bumble executives, is bringing its lore to life. Nessi, a student of Kim Jung Gi, examines human connection, purpose, and the riches of our collective consciousness in her stunning artwork.

Read on to find out the origins of this colossal NFT endeavor and how you can mint their NFTs.

How To Mint The R Planet NFT Collection?

On October 25, the R Planet collection will begin minting privately; the following day, the public sale will begin. There are 8,888 profile photos total in the Ethereum NFTs, each with a different purpose. The inhabitants of R Planet are said to reside in a parallel dimension to our reality, according to legend. Their cultures, abilities, and powers in this version of the universe influence the environment in which they dwell. Actions are R Planet’s fundamental idea and motto as well. The R Labs team will focus on high-impact, practical projects to support and strengthen both their ecosystem and the actual environment during the collection.

Doing good things is a different mindset that the collection embodies. To do this, R Planet has also set aside newly-minted NFTs for a few members of the community that exhibit “good shit” habits. An application and nomination process will be used to distribute these newly created NFTs.

Additionally, the fully-doxxed team is a firm believer in the ability of digital assets to transform how people engage with and have an impact on the natural world and environment. The business connects profit and purpose by developing at the nexus of technology, human connection, and impact. Additionally, they concentrate their efforts on sustainable development, clean energy, and affordable housing.

Even though R Planet’s public mint doesn’t launch until October 26th, the team is already actively adding places to its allowlist via Twitter and Discord. We reward members who are prompt, involved, courteous, patient, and innovative, the organization’s website states.

R Labs NFT

More About R Labs

R Labs is a well-known web3 company supported by business titans connected to Softbank, AGF, and Prodege, among many others. Bored Room Ventures, Zeneca, Project Godjira, CryptoVonDoom, Laura Rod (@theMiamiApe), and numerous more organizations are represented on their advisory board. R Planet aspires to go beyond the conventional use cases of today because it believes in the potential of tokens. The company, which is majority and female-owned, wants to address the 24 trillion dollar wealth transfer to the next generation in this decade.

The team is focused on leveraging digital resources and putting them to use for social and environmental good. According to R Labs, tokenizing impact assets would cut out intermediaries, democratize access to wealth generation, and help create the society we desire. For more nft news, read on NFTeller.

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