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Redeem Real-life Panties With PussyDAO NFTs


The most recent Web3 effort tying NFTs to tangible goods, like underwear, is called PussyDAO. Izzy Howell, the former head of growth at Cypher, is the CEO of the firm. She is now selling NFTs that can be redeemed for streetwear, undergarments, and other items.

How You Can Use PussyDAO NFTs For Physical Panties

A new Solana business called PussyDAO combines the two if you’re interested in fashion NFTs. The NFTs of the project serve as redemption vouchers. Each digital asset entitles owners to purchase physical goods, such as pants and streetwear.

Izzy Howell, the project’s originator, had a vision that made it stand out from the competition right away:

“I stayed up pretty late with my team, and the men just kept emphasizing that liquidity is the only factor that matters. Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity is the most crucial factor, according to founder Izzy Howell. The following notion was to create a pair of pants with the phrase “very liquid” written on the crotch.

Izzy Howell, the CEO of PussyDAO at the moment, quit her job at Cypher to pursue her new ambition.

PussyDAO’s current concentration is on clothing, but Howell hinted that the brand may eventually provide more tangible goods. For instance, software drops and even special experiences might soon be available to us!

PussyDAO, according to the CEO, is a combination of “punk rock and hyperfemininity.” Her new idea for clothing has a chance of being successful given the success of hybrid NFT ventures thus far.


Are There Other Redeemable NFTs For Real-life Items?

NFTs have been used by creators as redemption coupons for a while now. But recently, this kind of digital asset has become more well-known thanks to contributions from well-known corporations.

For instance, Adidas and BAYC collaborated to create the “Into the Metaverse” debut collection last winter. Simply put, any NFT holder had access to the company’s premium physical and digital merchandise.

Funko Pop offers a more contemporary illustration. Each NFT in the figurine brand’s Game of Thrones-themed NFT collection can be redeemed for actual collectibles. These instances by themselves demonstrate the market’s potential, and PussyDAO may already be off to a tremendous start.

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