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Robotos Founder Pablo Stanley Launches Humankind Web3 IP Studio


Robotos creator Pablo Stanley has introduced Humankind, the newest IP Entertainment Web3 studio. The franchises will be driven by user-generated content for storytelling, and a foundation will give artists a basic wage so they can enhance their creative freedom.

Regarding Humanity

The artist and tech entrepreneur Pablo Stanley developed the new web3 IP studio Humankind, which just went live. Marian Pedroza, an artist, and tech creative producer, stands next to him. The two had previously collaborated for years on content creation to spread greater joy. Inspire other creatives and artists as well.

Stanley will concentrate on creating intellectual property (IP) for the burgeoning metaverse for Humankind, including video games, animation, comic books, movies, and streaming TV shows with a creative studio. The company’s overall goal is to realise the future dreams of its supporters by harnessing the decentralisation and technological prowess found in crypto.

Humankind Studios, The Humankind Foundation, and “blockchain, technology, and decentralisation” are the studio’s three main sections at the outset. They will each concentrate on creating art and content, giving artists a basic living wage. Creating a venue for people to share their tales and artwork is the final step.

The project’s creators, Marian and Pablo, stated: “Humankind seeks to present warm, human, and compassionate views of the future. Our worries about the destiny of our species are what inspire these visions. We think that by working together, we can only tackle the problems facing Humanity. To begin, we must consider and discuss what is deserving of pursuit while incorporating suggestions from the public.

Robotos NFT

Pablo Stanley: Who is He?

Many NFT projects are the work of artist and creative director Pablo Stanley. Robotos, a project with a budget of 0.19 ETH, stands out among initiatives like Blush. design, Bueno, Carbon Health, and more than ten open-source illustration libraries.

His art has amassed 5 million admirers and users globally across all of his collections.

In collaboration with TIME Studios, the Emmy-winning television and film section of TIME Magazine, Stanley also has a kids TV show.

Over 103,000 people follow him on Twitter, including Clon, the creator of Cool Cats, FEWOCiOUS, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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