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Ronaldo To Change The NFT Game With Binance


The legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is now in partnership with Binance, bringing about a game-changing move for the NFT industry. It is revealed that Cristiano has signed an NFT partnership for a multi-year exclusive. So is there a possibility that we may see CR7 NFT?

About the Partnership with Binance

Earlier today Cristiano Ronaldo had put up a video announcing that he had just partnered with Binance. Cristiano himself has one of the biggest social media followings in the world. Just to put it into picture, he has on twitter and instagram 560 Million followers combined and that alone is an amazing number.

The video has 5.7 million Instagram views at the time of writing. 1.8 million on twitter at the time of writing and these are amazing numbers of reach. Through this we can see that indeed it is true that Cristiano has a big impact and this will reap a lot of benefits for Binance. Ronaldo had told his fans in the video that he is going to partner with Binance and make change to the NFT world bringing football to the next level.

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Binance also added in the matters of the partnership stating that this contract is a multi-year project that is based around NFTs. Adding on, they encourage that people are now having the opportunity soon to own something and a piece of history of CR7 and the Web3 Community.

Being one of the most loved celebrities in the world. Ronaldo’s entering into the NFT world with partnership with Binance is huge! Of course we can say that Ronaldo is not the first one that has entered into the NFT world. Messi had also gone to the NFT world.

All it being said this will be exciting for Binance users as well as the NFT Community and it is safe to say fans of Ronaldo would be glad that they are able to get something CR7. Find only the latest NFT news updates on NFTeller.

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