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Sandbox Marketplace Now Has deadmau5 Tower of Light NFTs


The “deadmau5 Tower of Light” video game experience is being introduced to the metaverse in Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha. A multiplayer game with four lands called Deadmau5 Tower of Light is an amazing NFT collection. There are special tasks and goals in the game that are located in a deadmau5-designed environment. Now that the deadmau5 Tower of Light NFTs are accessible on The Sandbox market, you have the chance to acquire a part of metaverse history.

Deadmau5 Tower of Light NFT Collection

The game “The Tower of Light” is stunning and full of enjoyable challenges. Additionally, since it’s multiplayer, you can work together with others to finish your challenges.

The synopsis of the video game “The Tower of Light” is hazy and purposefully enigmatic, though. The lunar crowd is dressed to party, according to the literature that describes the game. The air is thick with anticipation. Where is deadmau5? is the biggest mystery of them, and a certain kind of eccentric has the answer.

About the NFT collection

There are 15 NFT assets in all, and they are all themed around deadmau5 and EDM (electronic dance music). Additionally, costs range from 210 SAND (about $179) to 2,100 SAND ($1,797). The Sandbox metaverse’s native money is called SAND.

The Tower of Light items available in the NFTs range in rarity from Rare to Epic to Legendary. A music analogue DJ console, a deadmau5 spider, a centipede automobile, and an LED Mau5 Monument are also among the NFT goods.

This is deadmau5’s most recent foray into the Web3 industry. He has started to incorporate blockchain technology naturally in his work as an artist. He also comprehends how it may improve the music experience and help artists connect with their fans. For upcoming NFT mints, follow NFTeller.

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